2011 - Musical Heritage of the City of Gdańsk, vol 2: Christmas Cantatas of 18th Century Gdańsk

Johann Theodor Roemhildt

Kommt, ihr Herzen, kommt ihr Lippen

Johann Daniel Pucklitz

Ist Jemand in Christo

Johann Jeremias du Grain

Willkommen, Erlöser der Eden

Johann Daniel Pucklitz

Denen zu Zion wird ein Erlöser kommen

Johann Theodor Roemhildt

Nun danket alle Gott

Friedrich Christian Mohrheim

Preise Jerusalem den Herrn

Even more off the beaten track than the music of W.F. Bach lie the Christmas cantatas of 18th-century Gdansk, the music of Johann Jeremias du Grain, Friedrich Christian Mohrheim, Johann Daniel Pucklitz and Johann Theodor Roemhildt performed by the Goldberg Baroque Ensemble/Andrzej Mikołaj Szadejko…. all worth exploring if you’re tired of the same old repertoire at Christmas.- Brian Wilson, Goeffrey Molyneux, MusicWeb

(…) the album is no longer available on CD. A pity, though… to exhaust the print run with little-known Baroque music is perhaps the best possible review of the musicians’ work. It makes one’s hands fold in applause…- Classic Sunday