2018 - Musica Baltica IV. Du Grain: Sacred Cantatas

Johann Jeremias du Grain

Willkommen Erlöser der Eden. Cantata am ersten Weynachts-Feurtage, PL-GD Ms. Joh. 188

Alter Adam, du musst starben, PL-GD Ms. Joh. 189

Herr, nun lässest du Deinen Diener in Frieden gehen. Cantata am Fest der Reinigung Mariae a 6., PL-GD Ms. Joh. 185

Mitten wir im Leben sind. Trauermusic bey Beerdigung des weyland Herrn Burger-Meisters Jung Schultz Neodici von Robern, PL-GD Ms. Joh. 186

This disc contains four Geistliche cantatas, including a long, 15-part funeral cantata for the funeral of a mayor. Du Grain is said to have cultivated a form of ‘dramma per musica’ as a kind of operatic dialogic cantata. This somewhat operatic drama also characterises the current clerical cantatas, all very dramatically moving, often excited and almost sublime, and, thanks to the rich instrumentation with trumpets, oboes and horns, very effective. Under the direction of its founder Andrzej Szadejko, the superbly active and historically well-informed Goldberg Baroque Ensemble emphasises this dramatic excitement with energetic and sometimes exuberant driving tempos – Rainer W. Janka, Klassik Heute